Top RV Camping Places in Idaho According to Southern Idaho RV & Marine

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According to the Boston Globe’s latest statistics, there are currently over nine million Recreational Vehicles (RVs) in the United States. This number represents the highest number of RVs to ever exist in the nation. So, it is safe to say that their popularity has certainly not gone down. And while new buyers continue to pile up, the questions related to RV-based trips still stand. These include everything from the most optimal routes that people should take all the way to parking at the final destination.

For people who live in or decide to visit Idaho, RVs represent a great alternative to old-fashioned trains, buses, and vehicles. Additionally, the fact that this state is one of the friendliest areas for RV travelers further helps the matter. So, what are some of the most popular camping places that people who intend on visiting Idaho should put on their agenda?

Snake River RV Park and Campground
According to an experienced company from this sector, Southern Idaho RV & Marine located in Jerome, Idaho, Snake River RV Park and Campground is one of the best places to start an Idaho adventure. This beautiful location has been around for over half a century and has a rich environment.

People who decide to park their RV here will be able to do so for under $40 per day and be eligible for full hookups with both 30 and 50 amps. Additionally, the campground is known for its lenient policy that allows all types of pets, offers a pool and a hot tub, as well as outstanding cell reception further backed by WiFi. Visitors who want to spend some time outside of their RV can explore the local shopping and dining options. Finally, there is even a full-size zoo that carries over 300 different animals from every continent located nearby!

Valley View RV Park
As the name states, Valley View RV Park is known for its unparalleled view of the Yellowstone National Park. One of the main perks is the outstanding view that can be accessed via short-distance trails that allow the visitors to witness some of the most beautiful sights of nature in the state. The daily price for RV parking is $49. Nevertheless, individuals who intend on staying for a prolonged period of time can get a monthly rate of $500 and effectively save 2/3 of the daily rate. Just like the previous option, visitors here will have access to full hookups, free wifi, and more. Also, those visiting with animals are welcome.

Hagerman RV Village
With 60 RV sites in its location, Hagerman RV Village truly embodies the meaning of a small-knit community with metropolitan-like resources. With a daily rate of $30 and a monthly parking price of $300, this camping place is one of the most affordable alternatives for RV travelers. Additionally, the village is an outstanding location for everyone who wants to experience nature and engage in long walks, fishing, biking, and similar. Regardless of the constant influx of visitors, the parks and common areas are always kept clean and superior customer service is one of the main selling points. Village of Trees RV Resort
Southern Idaho RV & Marine further advise people to definitely look into the Village of Trees RV Resort. With a mind-blowing number of RV sites that goes up to 293, this is one of the largest camping grounds in the state. Given its vast size, it spreads over more square feet than any of the aforementioned alternatives and there is usually always a fair share of families present. Regardless of the vast size and state-of-the-art resources, the daily price is just $32. Furthermore, customers can seek discounts based on a lot of different factors like AAA, military ties, AARP, and more.

Expectedly, everything from basic showers and full hook-ups to free wifi and a pool are included. Moreover, if visitors want some time outside of their RV, they can camp in a tent or a river-view cabin while their vehicle remains safely parked in one of the sites. Not to forget the incredible City of Rocks National Reserve that is located close by and allows for adventurous endeavors that including hiking, rock climbing, biking, and fishing.

Some other alternatives that should be mentioned include the Bear Den RV Resort, Lost Moose Campground, and Alpine Country Store and RV Park. Nevertheless, those who are coming to Idaho for the first time can start their research process by focusing on the above-mentioned options. Once those have been explored, says Southern Idaho RV & Marine, the list of great alternatives for RV parking and camping will go on and allow the visitors to never stay in the same area twice.

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