Trying to throw an office event? Consider the following

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When you are put in charge of running an office party, the first thing you are likely to do is start panicking. Being in charge of entertaining all of your fellow colleagues is a big thing, and many of us don’t really like being put in such a position of pressure and stress. When that happens, though, you will need to think about how you want to make the whole evening come to life. That, though, is not as easy as it might first sound.

So, when you are next asked to put together an office event, you should look to take into account the following factors. Each of these should go some way to making sure that the party feels welcoming, and everyone who comes along is going to feel as if they have made a good choice in joining you.

Always look to build the night around a theme

The best thing that you can do to make your event a lot of fun is to get a theme for the event. So, for example, are you throwing a Christmas party? Then you need to get some Xmas-themed décor. You need to get Christmas music, and various other little things that are going to fit in with the theme of the night. From the drinks which are on sale to the kind of entertainment on offer, everything should be built around the theme.

If you do not have a theme, you often just have a party where people drink and gossip. While that might sound like an OK night, an office event should be far more enjoyable and robust. As such, you should look to make sure that you build the whole night around a particular kind of theme. Whatever the time of year is, or whatever the occasion is, it should be easy enough to pick out high quality evening events that your fellow colleagues will enjoy.

Still stuck for ideas? Then you should probably look to invest in some help in the form of an event management company. Running an office event alone is not a good idea, particularly if you lack experience in doing so. By having some help with planning the theme, laying everything out etc. you can make sure that you spend less time worrying and more time just having some fun.

Make sure you think of fun things to do

Alright, so you have done the first and most important task – you have handled the mobile bar hire. Now, you need to think of things to do other than drink copious sums of booze!

We recommend that you do an anonymous survey. Instead of asking people what they do want to do, ask them what they would like to avoid. It’s better to rule out the things that the majority do not want instead of just getting loads of ideas to work through. Try and minimise your workload a touch and make sure you rule things out, instead of adding more things in.

Keep these factors in mind, and throwing a fantastic party is going to be so much easier.

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