Wake Up Old Blogs Posts And Get Them Working Again

By Jon Allo

5 Ways To Wake Up Old Blog Posts

Sometimes, coming up with new content ideas for your blog is difficult. Especially when you know Google and the other search engines reward websites that consistently deliver fresh content. And let’s not forget the most important element – your readers. You’ve sweated blood and tears to get them to read your blog in the first place and now that they’re here, you don’t want them to get bored and go somewhere else.

Fortunately, you are probably sitting on a gold mine right now. It’s time to wake up old blog posts.

You can simply repurpose your old posts to make them fresh, which will give you new traffic and keep your readers interested without a lot of time and trouble. One huge benefit here is speed. It takes nowhere near the time to rework your old blog posts that it does to create new ones.

The following 5 techniques are methods that successful bloggers use to create more traffic, without creating totally new content.

1. Link To Other Posts And Pages On Your Blog

Google’s spiders love internal links. This is when you link from one page or post of content on your website to another. This simple trick can wake up old blog posts by keeping readers on your website longer, alerting your readers to relevant content and it also increases the average amount of time each visitor spends on your blog. All of those things are great for SEO, meaning more free organic traffic.

2. Rework Your Titles

You may look over an old blog post and think it’s one of your best. But perhaps it did not generate much response or traffic? It might not need any changing. You have included your keywords and related words and phrases, your sub-headers move the reader down the page, and you have a strong call to action. So why not just change the title? This is only recommended on posts that you think may be under-performing. There is no need to change something if it isn’t broken.

3. Share Your Popular Posts

Once a month, wake up old blog posts by sharing them on social media. It doesn’t matter how old they are. If they were popular when you published them, and the content is still relevant, a popular blog post is popular for a reason. Each month, get them back out there in the social media trenches where they can go to battle for you.

4. Lengthen Short Posts

Did you know that posts of 1,500 words or more drive more traffic than shorter posts? This is free, generic traffic you don’t have to pay for. Wake up old blog posts by beefing up their length, making them more valuable as you do so.

5. Improve The Readability Of Your Posts

Nobody likes to read a huge block of text, especially online. Break up your content. Add sub-headers. Use underlining, italics, bulleted lists, images and video to make an old, stale blog post fresh and enjoyable. The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin includes a free content analysis tool that checks the readability of your text.

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