Water Softener Vs. Water Filter

By Gen Mik

Water Softener vs Water Filter Shower Head

As a home-owner I was looking for a solution to the problem of hard water. Hard water creates limescale on the dishes, pipes and appliances, causes extra dryness of the skin or extra fragile hairs. Doing my research I found that most common facilities for water treatment are water filters and water softeners.

Making the choice between a water softener vs. water filter can be challenging without knowing how these two methods of water treatment are working. After I figured it out, I had no problem to make the right decision. So if you read further I will take you through the basics and principals of these two methods. I will show you how this applies to your water treatment needs.

Hard Water vs. Contaminated Water

At first let’s talk about the hard water problem itself. We have to understand what common problems hard water causes. Hard water is usually normal drinkable household water. But it contains excessive amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium and sometimes iron. On other hand contaminated water contains different contaminants like

Water softeners are designed to resolve issues of hard water. Softened water will not leave residue on dishes, appliances and plumbing and also it’s much more favorable to human skin and hair. There are two main methods of water softening: chemical using salt and electro-magnetic. Normally in salt based water softener the water passes through the tank with salt – sodium. In the tank sodium ions create bonds with ions of magnesium and calcium. Water softener of this kind is installed close to the house water entry. Popular model of salt based water softener is Fleck 5600SXT.

Clearwave CW-125 Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner

Electronic, salt-free water softeners use different principals. They use electro-magnetic waves to alternate chemical structure of minerals in the water during the descaling process. Often these devices are installed on water exists, close to faucets. Sometimes you may find that these devices are called water conditioners or descalers. Electronic water softeners need less maintenance than their counterpart. But their efficiency is lower than salt based water softeners. One of the popular models of salt-free water softeners is: Clearwave CW-125 Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner.

Water Filter for Contaminated Water

Water Softener vs Water Filter Home Master Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Water filtration uses a filter system to not only remove the magnesium and calcium from your water, but other contaminants as well. There are numerous amounts of different kinds and styles of water filtration systems. The one that is right for you will depend on where you live, and your price range. If you have well water, for example, you might need a stronger water filtration system. Because well water has to be cleaned of the contaminants that have leeched into the soil. This is especially important because there are numerous contaminates that can leech into the soil. Those are farm waste runoff, oil from changing the oil in your vehicle and other types of hazardous run off. Removing most of the elements from the water and other contaminants makes the different water filter vs water softener. Take a look at this popular model of water filter: Home Master TM Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


There are many water softener and water filter systems available for you to choose from. Which one would be best for you and your home is based on what the water is like in your local area. If you still are not sure and need more information, then you should contact your servicing water company. They will be able to tell you which system is best for you, based on the make-up of the water in your area. The bottom line is that there are strict regulations set in place by local, state and federal government agencies in the US.

Your water will be safe to drink without any extra softening, or filtration. These systems will greatly increase the life of your household plumbing and your appliances. The choice of water filter vs. water softening will ultimately come down to the selection of the one based on the water condition in your home. Two other things to consider are what you can afford now and what you would be willing to pay later. Which system is right for you in the water softener vs. water filter question? Well, you are much more equipped now to answer that.

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