Ways to Keep Your Website Audience Engaged

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If you’ve been managing your website or online content for a while, it can sometimes be challenging to maintain your audience. Sometimes your followers may become disinterested in your content, or you may gain followers from a demographic you didn’t consider you’d gain. Many factors can influence a fluctuation, and it’s important to track them all. However if your website isn’t engaging enough it’ll be impossible to maintain a steady flow of web traffic as there won’t be anything to motivate click-through rates. Here are a few things to consider if you want to up the ante of your website engagement.

Re-Learn Your Audience

It may be the case that your website’s audience has changed. Maybe a new demographic is interacting with your posts that you didn’t expect, or perhaps the type of content (videos, images, articles, etc…) are reaching different audiences than you intended. It’s important to measure these metrics (there’s many free online programs that can aid in this) to ensure your content reaches the audience it’s for, and to re-package your content creation to engage more effectively with new ones.

Laptop Stickers

The majority of people who look at websites are also more likely than not computer owners. And where can you go to see people gazing into their laptops? Practically everywhere. If you’re an e-commerce, try including custom laptop stickers with orders, or simply get a pile to hand out at events or trade shows. Laptops are prime advertising real estate, because they have the potential to be seen wherever the owner of the computer goes.

Dialogue Not Monologues

One of the most effective ways to keep your website audience engaged is to engage them. Audiences are more prone to follow content if they feel like they connect with it. The best content is always a dialogue and not a monologue. Ask your followers their opinions on a post or to impart their own advice on a topic. Talk to your audience instead of at them for expert engagement.


Just because you don’t have a large (or any) staff doesn’t mean you can’t put your most professional foot forward. Create and personalize your magnetic backed badge of your website’s logo, mascot, or motto. This shows others that you take your website seriously, and therefore you take engagement seriously as well. Magnetic backed badges are also super trendy accessories because they don’t have to permanently affixed to clothing, so it might be worth it to get some to hand out to potential followers.

Repost Update

For a lot of content creators, constantly creating new and unique feed can be exhausting. It is however totally kosher to recycle past content to keep your audience engaged – as long as it’s reformatted. Different demographics interact with media differently. Some prefer to access information via articles, some infographics, or videos, etc. Maybe one of your videos could also be turned into a gif heavy article, or you could post a transcript of an audio interview you’ve conducted. Presenting material in different ways keeps many different ways can keep audiences engaged and influence a positive relationship with your followers.

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