What are the Best Breast Pump for 2016

By Luisa Glencare

best breast pump

Breast pumps are one of the most important products a new mother can have in her arsenal. The best breast pump become an integral part of your routine, often used multiple times a day.

Breast Pumps aren’t just single use either. We use them to help stimulate milk production in new mothers or to pump an extra supply for when we need to be away from our baby. New mothers returning to work wouldn’t even be able to continue breast feeding without the help of one of the best breast pumps.

Like most things, when shopping for a top rated breast pump you will have a lot of choice. Breast pumps come in many different configurations. Some are designed to pump both breasts at the same time; some are designed to only pump one at a time. Some breast pumps are manual and others are powered by a wall plug or battery. Some are a lot more comfortable than others.

It’s important when you compare breast pumps that you know what is most important to you. Do you want the most comfortable latch or are you more interested in the fastest pumping? We have outlined here the different types of breast pumps that you can get. We take an in depth look into the features and brands you may want to consider. We’ve looked at all the top rated breast pumps and highlighted them here so you’ll have an idea of what is currently best-selling and what is recommended by other buyers.







Medela Pump In Style Advanced





Spectra USA Double Breastpump




Philips Avent Double comfort breast pump

Philips Avent Double Comfort Breastpump




medela swing breast pump

Medeal Swing




medela symphony

Medela Symphony




Different Types of Breast Pumps

Breast pumps come in all sorts of different packages. Some have carrying cases included and others are very simple all-in-one solutions. It’s important to take note of the different types of breast pumps so you can compare them and choose the the best breast pump that delivers what you and your baby need.

Manual Breast Pumps

Sometimes referred to as “hand pumps” manual breast pumps are non-powered pumps that are designed to be used by working a pump or lever with your hand. These pumps are fantastic as backup pumps for when your more expensive pump needs cleaning or breaks down.

Some new moms absolutely LOVE their manual breast pumps and swear by them. They like the control and the ability to pump at their own pace. Some of the best manual breast pumps are the most inexpensive that you can buy. As a backup or as your main pump having a manual pump around is never a bad idea.

Electric Breast Pumps and Double Breast Pumps

The best electric breast pumps are also often double breast pumps. They are able to pump both breasts at the same time (for the most part) using an electric motor that runs the pump. The advantage with these pumps is that you can choose if you want to pump both breasts at once or you can pump each breast individually, mimicking more closely the pattern of breast feeding. These pumps usually come with carrying totes and other accessories.

Electric breast pumps are usually very fast at expressing milk. Some of the top rated electric breast pumps can empty both breasts in as little as 30-40 minutes.

Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

Hospital grade breast pumps are top of the line breast pumps. They are used in hospitals for many reasons. They are typically the most comfortable and most efficient. You can buy them for home use but they can get pricey. You can also rent them out from various places online.

Hospital grade breast pumps are used in hospitals because they help new moms stimulate their milk supply. Any new mom remembers how frustrating those first few sessions of breast feeding can be and these pumps really do help to increase supply.

These breast pumps tend to have a more sophisticated operation with automatic suction that simulates real breast feeding in a more realistic way. These pumps are also much quieter while pumping.

Top 5 Best Electric Breast Pumps

1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced

medela pump in style advanced

If you are a mom who needs to pump a lot, you will definitely want to get a double electric pump. Double electric pumps allow you to pump both breasts at the same time. This maximizes your time and the amount of food you can express for you baby. This Medela pump has a durable motor that won’t stop working after a few months. It is specifically designed for moms who need to pump multiple times a day. This pump has a variety of different carrying bags to choose from. You could choose the metro bag, the backpack or the tote. All three are equally stylish.

One of the most useful features of this pump is the Two-Phase Expression technology. At first the pump suction starts out slowly. This is perfect for the “let-down” phase of breastfeeding. Then it switches to the stronger pump once your milk has come down. I was actually able to get this pump free through my insurance. You should check your insurance policy for reimbursements!

2. Spectra Baby USA S2


This model is quiet and discreet. In fact some reviewers called it “almost silent.” This makes it perfect for pumping or breastfeeding on-the-go. If you pump at home while baby is sleeping or in the office during your lunch break this breast pump should fit right into your lifestyle. This model is one of the top rated breast pumps, with some of the best breast pump reviews. The suction is extremely comfortable on this model, but is still powerful enough to get the job done. Something really wonderful about this model is the digital control system. In my opinion this system is much easier to use than the dials found on many other models. It also comes with a timer feature as well as a night light, for moms who might need to pump in the dark. Additionally, the Spectra is much cheaper than the Medela. Something to definitely consider if you are on a budget. I always recommend that you check with your insurance company to see if you qualify for a reimbursement for the purchase.

3. Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort

Philips definitely rivals Medela for the best breast pump brand. The variety of devices they offer is wide-ranging. Whenever you are using a breast pump it is always important for it to feel comfortable and be efficient. This model excels in both comfort and efficiency. option. Some pumps only work at their maximum efficiency when you lean forward. This model actually allows you to sit upright comfortably (thank god!). It is also extremely easy to use. It can operate either with the batteries or with the wall plug. When you are spending precious time pumping or coming home after a long day at work the last thing you want to do is have to hand wash all your pumping parts! Add in the time to clean bottles, bibs, laundry it just seems overwhelming. That’s why moms really love that this pump comes with much fewer parts than other models. The accessories are also dishwasher safe making clean up a snap!

4. Lanisoh Affinity

Lanisoh affinity breast pump

Like the Medela it is a double electric pump. It features the option to plug it into an outlet or use batteries. Moms like that it is a bit easier on the eyes (its purple!) than some of the more industrial-looking pumps. It also has an LCD screen which is very easy to read. This is a wonderful feature and not found on other models. which I think sets it apart. With some cheap pumps you can run into the issue of having your milk backing up or clogging the tubes. Thic can be unhygienic and unsafe for your baby. This model however is guaranteed to prevent milk backup. It is designed for long-term use. As an added bonus the bottles and nipples that come with this pump are designed to look and feel just like mom. Making it easier to transition back and forth from breast to bottle.

5. Evenflo Single Electric Breast Pump

evenflow single electric breast pump

As you can see, this model is small and discreet. It can be tossed into your purse as you head out the door. The Evenflo single breast pump does come with an adapter and can also run on batteries. There is no need to find an outlet while you’re out or worry about charging it before you go. There will definitely be times when you will need to pump as soon as possible (trust me!) so having something small and portable can be very important. This model is also perfect for the mom who does not need to pump as often. Or does not want to tote her larger electric pump around. Cleanup is super easy as it comes with a very small number of parts, and of course all parts are BPA-free. The only downside is that it is a little bit louder than other models.

Top things you need to know before buying a breast pump

All breast pumps generally perform the same basic function, but there is a whole world of difference in comfort and efficiency when you move into some of the higher end breast pumps. Watch this quick youtube video for some buying tips if you’re in the market for a breast pump.

Open or Closed System
Closed system there is a barrier between your breast milk and the tubing preventing milk from entering the pump. With an open system there is an opening between where the milk is passing into the bottle and the tubing of the pump. Open system = risk of mold or viruses or of milk going into the pump and breaking it.

Multi Flange sizes
This has to do with comfort. The flanges go over your breasts and are in direct contact with your body. Having a properly fitting flange or the option to switch out to different flanges is very important when adjusting your breast pump for comfort. In addition to being uncomfortable if the flange doesn’t fit correctly you could also have trouble expressing milk. Make sure your breast pump has multiple flange sizes.

Settings and Controls
Look for a pump with multiple controls. Being able to control speed and suction individually gives you the best chance of having a good experience with a breast pump. Being able to adjust those settings to simulate your baby sucking is valuable and makes for an enjoyable experience.


Purchasing a pump should not just be another piece of “mom gear” you have to tote around – it is an investment. I would definitely suggest taking a little bit of time to look through some breast pump reviews. Sometimes they can give you a great insight into what other moms are saying about each of the pumps. Each of the top breast pumps I have listed has its own unique qualities, benefits, and features. It will be up to you to determine which pump is best for your situation. You know that both your baby and your situation are unique. If you choose electric or manual, double or single. The breast pump you purchase should fit easily into your schedule and family. It should help relieve some of the stress of being a new mom (or mom of three)! Whatever breast pump you buy know that by continuing to provide breast milk when you’re not around you are giving your baby an amazing gift of love!

Product Images were sourced from Amazon.com

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