What are the Top Rated Fishing Kayaks of 2016?

What are the Top Rated Fishing Kayaks of 2016?

By Daniel Ak

The rise in popularity of fishing kayaks has grown phenomenally over the past few decades. In the past, people going for kayak fishing were far and few in between. Today, thousands of people take part in this activity both for fun and sport. The impetus to switch to kayak fishing has been the relatively low cost incurred in the activity as compared to fishing by motor boat.

Fishing in a kayak offers people an adrenaline rush as they paddle deep into the sea waters where the trophy fish lurk. Previously, kayaks had to be retrofitted to facilitate fishing. Now a number of top fishing kayaks are available that come with special touches such as casting platforms, rod holders, and even lure storage that makes them perfect for fishing.

Here we will take a look at the top fishing kayaks of 2016 that are popular among fishing enthusiasts due to their speed, comfort, and most importantly, stability.

1. Wilderness System Ridge 115

What impressed us most about the Wilderness System Ridge 115 was the comfortable seat that slides backward and forward adjusting the center of gravity depending on the load. The seats are also comfortable that means not leg cramps either. The chines on the hull engage when you lean from side to side providing you stability not offered in most other kayaks of its class. Moreover, hull of the kayak is designed in a way that allows great speed when you are moving about in the waters. The only drawback about the Systems Ridge 115 is its relatively bulky weight, sitting at around 76 lbs. However, this should not be of a great concern for people of strong stature.

2. Cuda 14

Cuda 14 is one of the top rated fishing kayaks known for its stability as well as speed. The kayak is perfect for fishing in ocean waters as it provides both stability that is needed when fishing and the speed to quickly reach the fishing destination. It is especially designed for fishing in tidal and flat waters. The kayak boasts a range of features that make it great for use by conventional anglers and fly fishermen alike.

3. Hobie Mirage Revolution 11

The Hobie Mirage Revolution 11 is one of the top fishing kayaks that is best known for its great speed thanks to its unique pedal-and-flipper system. The best part about the kayak is that it is compact and lightweight with large space for storing fishing equipment. Rudder and steering knob of the salt water kayak are extremely responsive that result in less effort required for paddling. You can better utilize this effort in landing a lunker. That said, the increased stability and speed comes with a price though, as the exceptional drive system results in a few extra bucks to the cost of the kayak.

4. Emotion Mojo Angler

The ample girth and tall gunwales of the Emotion Mojo Angler make it one of the most stable fishing kayak for use in the big water as well as stand up fishing. However, this also makes the kayak a little slow as compared to its competitors. What we liked the most about the kayak was the cockpit that is outfitted with removable and adjustable console and space for forward facing rod holder, drink holder, as well as depth finder. The most attractive aspect of the kayak, however, is that it is not that pricey, making it perfect for limited budgets.

How to Find Good Fishing Kayaks?

Finding a good fishing kayak requires consideration of a lot of factors. Generally, a rigged model kayak offers greater convenience for anglers. These kayaks come fitted with all the accessories needed for fishing. The alternative stock kayaks are cheaper as compared to rigged kayaks. The downside of stock kayaks is that you have to manually rig the kayak for fishing. However, the advantage of stock model kayaks is that you can customize the design as per your requirements. You can add just the gear you require and then add additional ones with time.

Another factor you need to consider is whether to go for a sit-in or sit-on top model. Sit in kayaks are most appropriate for fishing as they have a larger cockpit. This makes it more convenient to access gear and facilitating entry and exits while in the water. The sit-on top models are less preferable as compared to the sit-in model as they provide a wet ride. This can be particularly uncomfortable in case the water is cold.

Finally, a pedal powered kayak is more comfortable as individuals can cover greater distance without being fatigued. Paddle powered kayaks are particularly tiring when kayaking over a long distance. The best thing about pedal powered kayaks is that you can still use a paddle to move through the water. This means that you don’t have to worry in case the pedal drive system malfunctions. Note that pedal powered kayaks are considerable more costly as compared to the simple paddle model kayaks. similarly, you can chose an inflatable kayak which combines both cost and lightness features.

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