What attracts NRIs to invest in residential properties in Hyderabad?

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For NRIs, it is quite a common fact that they often prefer investing in real estate in their land, i.e. India. When it comes to buying a property, NRIs are quite sure of investing in their own country but often seem to stay confused about the city to move in or settle down. Although these NRIs have a natural tendency to settle down with their families at native places and cities, yet in the present scenario, a lot of other factors impact their decision. Some of the factors that they may often consider before preferring a city in India are:

  • The city’s advancement in terms of infrastructure and social development
  • Availability of well-connected roadways, railways, and other transport systems
  • Scope of education of their children, especially their higher studies in the desired city
  • Availability of advanced medical facilities
  • The increasing scope of job opportunities
  • Most importantly, the safety and security aspects within the preferred city
  • Last but not the least, quality of air, water, and other natural requirements for a healthy well-being

Apart from these factors, there are some others including the availability of recreation facilities, land prices, real estate development, etc. If all these mentioned factors are to be considered, there are not many options left for NRIs, as most of the Indian cities would fail to cover all these prime factors, except for Hyderabad. Although the city is not as popular as other Indian cities, such as Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai, yet NRIs should consider investing in buying residential properties in Hyderabad because of the following aspects:

  • In the last couple of years, Hyderabad, as a city, has made immense progress in terms of the sectorial development of infrastructure, real estate, commerce, and retail. Besides, manufacturing, hospitality, medical, and knowledge sectors have also flourished to a great extent.
  • Presently, the city is one of the highly-preferred cities in India for NRIs to stay in whether the work for the top MNCs or prefer to start their own business or even plan to settle down with their families after returning from abroad.
  • As per the latest reliable sources, the real estate sector in Hyderabad has boomed while the other metro cities have faced saturation in this regard.
  • Secunderabad is geographically divided from Hyderabad by the Hussain Sagar Lake, and is no longer a separate municipal unit and has become part of Hyderabad’s Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). Both cities are collectively known as Hyderabad.
  • Secunderabad has become an attractivedestination for real estate investment for NRIs who dream of owning properties in and around the city. They mostly prefer investing in a house for sale in Secunderabad and to settles down peacefully.
  • Global IT giants such as Google, Deloitte, Amazon, Capgemini, Microsoft, Apple, Accenture, and Kantar including that of Indian IT firms like TCS, Infosys and Wipro have their base in Hyderabad and they are constantly expanding. So, employees from all over the world and the country are migrating to this city regularly.
  • The city’s infrastructure, rich culture, the standard of living and a happening social life attract people to come and live in one of the most livable cities in India.
  • There is also a huge availability of 2 bhk flat for rent in hyderabad and these are preferred by most of the NRIs who do not shift permanently here in India but frequently visit often with families to spend a vacation.

What is the reason behind the booming of real estate in Secunderabad?

  • The establishment and expansion of IT companies and many start-ups businesses in and around Secunderabad have attracted talents from across the country and the globe. Naturally, the demand for flats and houses for sale in Secunderabad has also increased.
  • Hyderabad is a global city in the present scenario, the Government has taken several initiatives as well as dynamic measures for implementing several laws to improve the ease of doing business.
  • The Government has introduced a business-friendly environment in the city that will attract many world-class companies to choose Hyderabad as an investment destination.
  • The city is more eco-friendly than any other city in India and claims to offer a better and healthier environment for its people to live in. This has added to the demands of new as well as 2 bhk flat for rent in hyderabad.

How is it even more convenient for NRIs to find the right property in Hyderabad?

With the introduction of an effective website housing.com, the effort for finding a suitable residential property has almost been minimized, especially for the NRIs. Earlier, they either had to depend on their closed ones in India to go and visit the properties physically or they had to take the pain of visiting India frequently to look for suitable properties to invest. However, presently, things have become much smoother. All that they need to do now is visit the official website housing.com and then enter all their preferences for the desired property in the form of filter options at the website, and they would get an endless list of property options. They may select the desired locality and accordingly all the featured and topmost properties will be displayed for selection. Some of the unique attributes of housing.com website are mentioned below:

  • The website housing.com is highly user-friendly and supports convenient navigation
  • One may select any preferable city in India for living purpose
  • There is an option for either buying or renting a property, or even one may buy 2 bhk flat for rent in hyderabad or any other Indian city.
  • Besides flats, apartments, and houses, one may even buy luxury houses, bungalows, penthouses, villas, duplex, studio rooms, etc. based on requirements.
  • The website housing.com provides all contact details of the agents, developers, and owners of the properties for NRIs to communicate directly.

The website housing.com has become a highly preferred website amongst the NRIs as it provides a personalized listing for them to select the desired property for investment in India at the specified budget even sitting at any part of the world. With this website, all kinds of harassments that NRIs had to face are gone!

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