What is the Best Men’s Safety Razor

By Howard Combs

There is no good answer to what is the best mens safety razor, many faces are similar but none are the same. So how can the best be for everyone?

Unlike disposables which have a rather narrow line of razors for specs, safety razors have quite a large pool of variables to choose from in comparison. This is just one of the big reasons people are moving back to safety razors in a big way.

You may not stay with the first safety razor you get but with the right information, you will be able to choose one that is good for you.


This is definitely one of the first items people will use in their decision of buying a safety razor. You had better remember though that you generally get what you pay for. There are razors like the Elkaline DE Heavy Duty Long Handled Safety Razor is available at the $10 level. Meanwhile the Merkur DE Heavy Duty can be found for $33 and is visibly a more appealing razor. Then of course there are the higher priced like Seki Edge Feather All Stainless Steel DE Safety Razor (AS-D2) at $170 and is a highly exquisite razor to the eye. Everyone has their own taste and some will only choose the best or the cheapest, depending on who they are. Most decide that middle road gives you a decent quality which will likely last longer than cheapest as well.

New or old:

The decision you have to make here will be a little easier. Do you care if someone else used your razor? If not then a used razor might be the way to go. These generally start at 70% of the previous retail price. Unless they are rusty, a razor should hold up pretty well. There is also a multitude of places to find one before you start looking online. There are flea markets and antique stores as well as your late or older relatives. These you can hold in your hand and judge their value and usability. Online presents a different problem of prices too high and actually being what it claims to be. There is also vintage which is new no longer produced razors that have never been used.


It is generally found that the sharper a blade is, the more aggressive it is. The more of the blade showing on the head of the razor is what also makes it aggressive. You can get an adjustable razor to fine tune this but there are only three made and they are all by Merkur. The recommendation is that when starting out one should choose the best safety razor for shaving sensitive skin so that it is not aggressive for beginning. One other important item to remember is that everyone’s aggressive level is not the same.


The weight of the razor is another choice to be taken into consideration. It can mean the difference of one pass compared to several which would cause soreness no matter how good your shave cream is. Too heavy is no good either or you will end up with the same problem. The main problem with weight is that you will really need to hold the razor in your hand to feel the effects and see if it is for you. You can go local to find a weight you like and buy or find the one you want online after you find your desired weight.


The length of the handle may seem kind of trivial but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A long handle is a better fit for a person with large hands. A short handle is better for people with smaller hands. This is necessary because of the way you hold the razor for stroking upward or downward. The handle is usually held with the thumb and first two fingers. It is generally held near the bottom so as too much pressure is not on the head. Many razors are available in both lengths now for customer satisfaction.


By following these guidelines presented, you should be able to make a more informed decision about finding the best men’s safety razor. These are obviously not all the choices you will have to make listed here. Another that’s no less important and needs mention at least is blades. There are many manufacturers and types. You would do well to try sampler packs or multipacks containing different types and makes of blades to help you choose the right one for you. The DE is the best razor for shaving, it is now up to you to find the one for you. It will feel like the best mens safety razor you have ever used.

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