What Is the Sharpest Pocket Knife You Can Buy?

By Joseph

sharpest pocket knife

Some knives come especially sharp right out of the box. Of course, you can resharpen knives using a variety of equipment, but in many cases you want to go with something that won’t require as much maintenance and automatically retains its sharpness for quite a long time. This is often a priority for beginners who might not want to invest in sharpening equipment and spend their time learning how to maintain their tool. But even more seasoned knife users benefit from investing in a knife that comes especially sharp and stays that way for a while. And for certain jobs, like

Spyderco is a name that’s well known and trusted for the sharpness of its knives, and this folding option is no exception. It’s extremely sharp out of the box, and with its blade combined with the black G-10 laminate handle for a convenient ergonomic feel, your cuts will perform and feel great. The blade measures in at 3.39 inches and when opened the entire knife is 7.76 inches. When closed, the knife measures 4.45.

2. Kershaw Onion Folding Knife

kershaw onion

This is another folding option with several advantages for a newer knife user. The sharp blade made of Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel won’t need sharpening for quite a while.

The Kershaw Onion knife is versatile: suitable for camping, hunting and all sorts of everyday tasks. And with its assisted ambidextrous opening system, it’s easy to deploy the blade with just one hand.

3. Cold Steel Kobun Fixed Blade Knife

cold steel kobun

So far we’ve looked at folding knives, but if you’re looking for the sharpest pocket knives, they span multiple types. This is a solid fixed blade knife that’s extremely sharp but won’t break the bank. Its blade is 5.5 inches long and overall the knife measures at 9 7/8 inches, so it’s sizable. All Cold Steel knives are very sharp out of the box, and this is a great option to carry on your belt (as it comes with a very nice sheath). Cold Steel does have more expensive knives that are very sharp too, but in many cases this one will get the job done well for much less.

4. Benchmade 940-1

benchmade 940-1

A folding pocket knife with premium materials and extremely high quality manufacturing, the Benchmade 940 isn’t the cheapest knife on the market, but those looking for superior performance and the best sharp knife will be smart to give it a try.

The Benchmade 940 has the following measurements: 3.4 inch blade, an 7.87 inch overall length, and a 4.47 inch closed length. And oh yeah, and like just about any Benchmade, it’s going to be razor sharp out of the box.

5. Moki 100J Pliant Lockback Knife

moki 100j

Moki is one final name that you might hear talked about for the sharpness of its knives as well as its general high-craftsmanship quality, and although it isn’t in the highest price tier as some of the other big names, you could still make quick work of a wide variety of cutting tasks right out of the box.

The 100J Pliant with quince wood handles is a lockback model and the blade is made from AUS-8 stainless steel. You won’t need to reach for that sharpener any time soon.


All in all, if you’re looking for the sharpest pocket knife, conventional advice might be to pony up a lot of cash for one of the highest of high end options. But you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to get a tool that’s very sharp right out of the box. We’ve looked at a few specific options that span different price ranges, and hopefully you’ve found something that is right for your knife needs.

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