What It Takes To Be A Successful Beauty Blogger

By Greg Nunan

With the first beauty blogs coming onto the scene in 2005 or so, these types of style advice sites have quickly grown into a mainstream field. As long as you have a computer and are able to create a basic blog site with a reliable host that has a package that fits your requirements , then you are essentially ready to go. More and more bloggers are seeing this passion turn into a career. In fact, beauty blogging has now turned into a lucrative industry, with career bloggers even having agents. But what sets the best from the rest?

It’s All About The Numbers

Page views and social media numbers are your authority. This takes a lot of time and effort to develop and engagement on multiple social media platforms; however, once you do, it is a door opening up an entirely new world to you. Some of the most leading bloggers are indeed influential because of their online presence and following. For example, Zoella is actively posting on Twitter (3.9 million), Instagram (6.4 million), and YouTube (9.5 million).

Getting these kinds of numbers, though, is not something that can happen overnight. It takes a lot of work and dedication and a well thought out plan. Ultimately what keeps readers coming back is that they are actually interested in what you have to say. One way to ensure that you aren’t saying the same thing as every other beauty blogger out there writing about the best eye shadow palettes, is to focus on an angle that is very unique.

This requires some research into the industry – specifically look for what might be missing and how you can fill this gap – and then you can write content that caters to this demographic.

Product Partners

Once you have established a good angle and a solid following, this is when your blog can begin to pay off. The majority of beauty bloggers start out by voicing their personal opinion on products or brands. Once their following gets large enough where the audience seems to be a lucrative market, products and brands begin to come to them to ask for a write up. Since this can end up paying quite well, the majority of beauty blogs out there operate this way.

Things can get tricky at this juncture, though, because you want to stay true to your blog identity that you have created, but you also want to take in the money that these companies are offering. You also don’t want your blog to become a marketing hub for product placement either. Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo remarks on this part of beauty blogging in an interview with The Guardian, saying that:

“Many cosmetic companies are looking to pair with social talent on sponsored content – these deals should only be made if you genuinely love the product and would spend your money on it because the second you lose credibility it’s gone forever.”

So, sought after beauty bloggers are faced with a decision, then, to accept the money and promote the product, sometimes a product which they don’t even believe in, or reject the money and stick to what made them want to start blogging in the first place. Obviously most of the beauty blogging greats advocate the latter.

Follow some of these tips for your own beauty blog success, or simply follow these influential bloggers for their inspirational beauty advice.

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