Why does Nichrome wire vape builds work so well?

By Steve Drake

nichrome wire vape

For starters Nichrome is a material made of Nickel and Chrome, you can find it in different concentrations but typically you can find it in 60/40 and 80/20 Nickel/Chrome. It is one of the first materials used to make vaporizers and it is still being used because of its properties.

Nichrome heats faster than Kanthal for example, it also is one of the wires that has a lower resistance per foot taking by example a 26 gauge Nichrome 60 is 2.67 ohms/foot (60 being the concentration of Nickel/Chrome) and since it has such a low resistance the vape gets warmer and more intense thus helping the flavor.

It is one of the cheapest wires for vaping coils because of the time it has been on the market (a few years ago it was actually more expensive than the competence) and since then Nichrome wire vape builds have been the norm.

However Nichrome wire for vape does corrode with sulfate, so if you want to get the wire to last longer, search for For the people that don’t want to taste the wire (who does?) this is the best choice it gives the highest commercial concentration of Nickel while still having enough Chrome to keep the lifespan of the wire long enough to be enjoyable for everyone.

With the 32 AWG you can find the sweet spot of having a wire that can handle the current and the maneuverability to be used by everyone.

Also it’s not much but Lighting Vapes is well known for the customer service it provides, every product of them comes with a hand written thank you note.

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2. Genuine Lightning Vapes ® 0.5x.01mm Flat Ribbon Nichrome 80

2nThis wire is used primarily for the ones that want to build the transformer coils that will keep the cotton or wick clean for weeks and will give the best flavor.

It is used as wrapping material around another wire as the shown here on this list and is the perfect combination with our top pick.

It’s very thin but the quality of the manufacturer ensures that it can handle even the roughest of handling thus helping with beginners to learn how to wrap coil and to keep it consistent for every kind of use.

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3. Vape and Wires Nichrome 80 Ni80CR20 Competition Wire 24 Gauge

3nWith a resistance of 1.64 Ohms/foot this wire is one of the highest conductivity wires on this list and so it will get heated very fast and it will give huge clouds in little to no time.

As the name of the wire says it’s been perfected to be used for competitors that want only the biggest and fastest vapor clouds with coils, still it can be used by beginners however caution should be taken since this wire will get how very fast since it can handle up to 1200 degrees Celsius protection is recommended and is also a statement of the capacity of this wire.

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4. AtomizerWick Nichrome 80 Series 24 Gauge

4nFor the ones that want to get as close to competition level wire and are still learning the Atomizer Wick is the best option for you.

It gives great performance with a ease of handle that nobody can match, it has relatively the same characteristics as the “Vape and Wires” wire but with a greater durability and mechanical resistance so it is perfect for beginners that want to know more about vaping and the competitor arena.

Keep in count that the wire should always be used with liquid and not running dry since it could snap or melt, it does distribute the heat evenly but it is not designed to run without liquid to vaporize.

Also if you care about customer service it also comes with a couple of stickers to customize your vaporizer or anything that you want, proving that Atomizer Wick truly cares for it’s customers.

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5. Pure Atomist Nichrome 80 38 Gauge

5nThis is also for the ones that want to know how to wrap nichrome vape coil, by wrapping this wire onto another one you can make a faster and warmer coil for your build.

Used by professionals this 38 gauge is thin enough to be used as a wrapper but it does also come with a strength to match and maintain its form even in the toughest environments.

It has a resistance of 40.62 Ohms/foot not strange for this wire gauge, remember the higher the gauge the higher the resistance. But as we are going to use it as a wrapper it can effectively reduce the resistance to sub ohm levels without issues.

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Choosing the right wire and companion wires is easy when you know what you want out of your build, if you are starting or want to make Nichrome vape builds you can find all the right materials in here and still be able to know how to use them effectively.

Always remember to use protection using Nichrome wire for vaping because of the burns that I have got I can tell you from experience that a 1200 ° C burn is not what you want to get while testing your new coil build.

All of the recommended wires do not give any harmful effects in their use such as Cancerigens or allergic reactions because of the physical properties of Nichrome wire thus giving you the relaxed experience that you truly deserve while keeping a healthy habit.

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