Why It’s Important For a Beauty School to Have a Blog

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Fashion and beauty are constantly growing and evolving — just take a look at what was considered cool twenty years ago! So those who teach, as well as those who are learning, are expected to stay on top of current trends in order to stay relevant. While it is no doubt important to have the skills to style hair and apply makeup, it is also important to make sure that those skills never go out of date just like last season’s colors do.

For beauty schools everywhere — and especially online beauty schools — staying current via a blog can be almost as important as the lessons they teach.

Blogs Appeal to the Younger Generation

In the age of Snapchat and Instagram, it is almost impossible to run any kind of business without the help of social media. For most beauty schools, the average age of the majority of students is between 18-22, so they must make sure their brand appeals to that age group.

Many teens and young adults can’t go anywhere without their smartphone, making it exceedingly important to use these devices in order to gain recognition. Many will go from one electronic device to another, only being offline for short periods of time each day.

When a beauty school has a consistently updated blog available it will make them appear both relevant and current. And if a post or infographic goes viral the effect on the school’s enrolment can be more than noticeable.

Increasing Brand Recognition

Any time a company has an active blog their name will get more exposure. Keywords included in blogs can improve search engine rankings and will improve the chances that a beauty school will make their organization’s brand one that is easily recognizable by those in the field.

Statistics from a Hubspot survey show that 60 percent of business that have blogs gain more customers than those that do not. As more search queries with a beauty focus lead to a school’s blog and site, potential students will likely have more confidence that that school is a serious player in the beauty training field.

Blogs Will Help Students Feel Connected

Aside from the obvious business-related advantages in a school to having a blog, there are also ways that current students can benefit from keeping in touch via frequent updates.

With well-written posts that are seen by both students and staff there can be announcements and updates that help everyone know exactly what is going on. When everyone is on the same page, there is a sense of community that will boost school spirit and make students happier and more engaged.

Performance is positively affected when students are content with their environment, and this will also improve the overall image of the school. With the resulting good online reviews and happy students more and more people will come to know the school as good place to train. Any beauty school that develops frequently updated high-quality blog is bound to see good results in school morale.

Beauty schools have the daunting task of adjusting their curriculum every time Vogue magazine comes up with a new trendy hairstyle. By creating their own blogs schools everywhere can increase their exposure and make it easier for people to see their value. Very few businesses, and especially beauty businesses, can expect to last if they ignore the need to stay up-to-date. Blogging is a simple and effective method to make sure a school is noticed while keeping students interested.

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