Why it’s Important to Keep Your WordPress Site Up to Date

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If you’re anything like me, you probably get a notification for the latest iOS update and hit “remind me later.” Then what happens? Weeks down the road you are wondering why things aren’t working anymore as they should, and then it dawns on you that there is an iOS update which you forgot to execute that will likely fix all the problems. Updates, whether for your phone or for your WordPress blog, may sometimes feel like a hassle, but they are actually incredibly important to do. You may have invested in managed WordPress hosting, like this sort of package, but it will never perform at its best if it isn’t up to date. From function and performance to security features, here are some of the reasons why you will stop hitting “remind me later” and start making sure that your site is well optimized and always utilizing the latest updates as soon as they come out.

  • Security

Put simply, if you are neglecting your site’s updates, then you are leaving it open and vulnerable to the latest security threats that will hurt your site. Being one of the largest blogging platforms, WordPress is very diligent at recognizing new threats and counteracting those threats by implementing new software security updates. By keeping your website security up to date, you can prevent any major security problems from occurring.

  • Features

Another major component to updates is offering users new features. One of the main things that makes WordPress so revered in web design is all of the beautifully designed themes that they offer, along with amazing plugins and features that only get better and better. If you don’t have the latest updates installed on your site, then you don’t have access to the latest, coolest features. It’s that simple.

  • Performance

In the same way as anything that is out of date seems to start running slower, when you neglect WordPress updates it will likewise not be running at optimal speed and with ease. No one has the patience for a slow-loading site, I know I don’t, and it can not only hinder engagement, but also the SEO ranking of your site. So if you want your site to be successful, you need to make sure that it is as fast as possible. The simplest way to ensure this is to keep your site up to date so that the operating system is functioning at top capacity.

  • Easy for the User

And of course we don’t only want our website experiences to be fast, we also want them to be easy and engaging. By implementing the latest updates on your site, you will ensure that anything containing “bugs” and small glitches get fixed, making for an easier, less frustrating user experience for those visiting your site. Furthermore, with the latest version of WordPress, you will be able to include new add-ons and design features that keep your site fresh, engaging and relevant, encouraging your visitors to come back, which helps you maintain steady traffic.

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