Why Rigid Band Saws Can Fix Your Wood Working Problems

By Colin Ngai

Rigid band saw is the talk of the town

His article will guide you a lot about the saw and their types, in the market now you can see 1000 of saw which are used for various purpose, in previous times saw were only used for cutting of log wood etc. by the carpenters but now the situations and life has been changed totally, now they are used for so many purpose and are very successful, here in this article I will give brief knowledge about the rigid band saw, and the rigid band saw reviews will help you decide which company and type to buy.

Basic introduction:

Rigid band saw reviews tell that there are so many types of this powerful tool, the best rigid band saw is a very fine and 14” saw with a level of entry, it is for those who have hobby to use it or work on wood on the weekends. Rigid band saw reviews says that if you plan to use it for professional purposes then it will not be a good choice and you will be disappointed extremely. Because it is not as powerful as other saw and can’t work that efficiently. The power of the models is very low so it can’t work hard and furious, whenever it is implemented to hard work and hardwood its blade stops its function and then gets shutdown, so it’s not for professional use at all.

There is not meter guage with the machine because it’s a simple one best rigid band saw even don’t have extraordinary quality. With time you also have to upgrade the blades to work more efficiently and better.

If you want to cut the big block and hard wood then you will find that this machine is useless in that aspect, if he 14” band saw is used then you will fail to do your work.

Fine choice:

It is said that if you are using this as a hobby to cut the wood then you are at the right place and working on the same side. This is the best and the fine choice.

The pros of band saw:

If you see the pros of the band saw then they are following:

  • The very quiet and sound free 15 amo power 3/4HP motor and others.
  • The adjustment of the nice blade and the guide adjustment, the tensioning option is also discuss.
  • The price is very good and valuable.

The cons of band saw:

If you see the cons of the band saw then they are following:

  • If the vibrations etc. appear then it is because the weight of the base is very light.
  • The blade has to be changed every other week to make the quality better and efficient.
  • The biggest problem is the dust is collected and is not improved.

Features and description:

The article of BS 100 is with the power of 15amp power, ¾ HP and the voltage is mostly 110 volts of the motor. The better option is also available which 110/220 volts is; this is a better option but of course is very expensive.

The blade is changed frequently on the ridged band saw, to get the knowledge you have to review the manual.

The standard is 13-5/8” throat plus a 6” cutting depth, this is the standard. If you have the option and want to lift something then you have the depth of cutting which is 12”.

The best is the brush on the tire, but if you put the brush on the top tire it would be even good and of prime importance.

The best is about the collection of the dust, for this purpose a dust collection port is implanted on the bottom of the machine. It is very effective a useful.

The biggest short coming is that this machine comes with a limited wintry which is of 3 years.

The procedure and guide review:

It comes in a unique and single box; it just needs 2 to 3 hours to get assembled. The assembly is covered almost step by step according to the manual. It is of course confusing, because large and small bolts are too many and they get confused, hen placing at the right place. If I talk about my own case then you will get half of the machine assembled and few parts you have to fox then your machine will be ready to work with. The blades it can accommodate are of 1/8” to ¾” in width and are very large to do the perfect work.


You will enjoy using it but only at small scale. Band saw reviews are a great way to get input and valuable experiences from others.

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