Writing From the Road – Make Sure You Do This!

Writing From the Road – Make Sure You Do This!

By jeremy

Piccoli trucchi per diventare un travel blogger

One of the best things about building a business that lives online is the freedom it offers, right? I know some of you bloggers know this. I’ve seen your travel blogs, pictures of you smiling over natural wonders in Eurasia or overlooking the mighty Nile. This post is not geared toward you. This post is talking to all of the people who earn their freedom by making a digital living – but never use it!

Creating a blog doesn’t take a lot of hardware. Armed with a simple laptop (a Chromebook, even!), you can pretty much blog with the best of them. This can allow you to work from home, the coffee shop, or your hotel room in Morocco. Not everyone is a natural international traveler, but there is reason enough to travel around in your region as well. Here are a few reasons why travel is the perfect thing for the professional blogger.

  • It Forces You To Work. If you’re like most people who make their living in front of a computer screen, you’re not the gold standard of productivity. It’s hard to stay motivated every hour of every day. Sometimes I’ll have four hours of work, but I’ll let it drag out for eight hours, just because I have nothing else going on that day. That’s no way to be. When you travel, especially with people or to visit people, you’ve got events baked into your day. You’ve got to be places at certain times. Work must get done, and it must get done within certain hours. By working while you travel, you’ll get more out of every day. For a few hours you’ll make your money, for a few others, you’ll play. Sounds pretty great, right?
  • Travel Fights Burnout. The human brain is built for novelty. Even the biggest homebody among us craves new things, fresh experiences. For those of us who have gone through the stage where we spend all of our waking hours slogging away on our internet businesses, we know that this is not, perhaps, the best way to feed the soul. Getting out of your home, out of your region, out of your nation even – this lets you get your yayas out, and helps the work get done more easily.
  • Travel Gives You Something to Write About. Having interesting life experiences will always inspire your writing. You may not have a travel blog, but your travel will definitely inform the things you write about. Whether you’re writing about personal finance, beauty, culture, or food, being in a new place will give you a fresh set of eyes to soak up these topics. You’ll learn more about the thing you love writing about, and this inspiration will make your blog better.

Travel is good for its own sake, but it’s especially good (and achievable) for the professional blogger. Don’t let a lack of imagination and initiative keep you homebound. Get on the road and let your amazing travel experiences make your blog better. Believe me, they will.

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