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Every word we type, every document we save, every image we capture and every video we record contributes to the ever-increasing data that requires to be stored. Running a business means you have to be responsible for every bit of data produced for or by your company. From company policies to contracts to product photography, marketing content and everything in between. Especially if it involves videos for any purpose.

Data is paramount. And data is huge.

This is why you need a data storage facility where you can never worry about running out of storage and have everything on hand, easily accessible with a click.

Cloud Storage Solutions

In a world where digital has taken over the physical; a secure, reliable and easily accessible data storage solution is the foundation for efficient business operations. That’s why we have reliable cloud storage solutions by PCloud, where you can buy the facility of cloud storage, and access it anytime, anywhere around the world.

To find out more, call Lobi Space Business Advisory service and choose the best possible options.

Salient Features of PCloud Storage Solutions

Here are some of the main features of the cloud storage facilities that we partner with

Unlimited space

Unlike your system or your external hard drive, cloud storage provides you with unlimited space to store all your data.

Security you need

Having a cloud storage option means you do not have to worry about data backups in case of the loss of your precious data.

Accessibility across devices

The best part of having your data in the cloud is the accessibility it provides. You can access any part of it from anywhere, on any device.

Sharing and collaboration made possible

Cloud storage also comes with sharing, collaborating, and simultaneous editing feature for most formats.

It’s time to embrace the modern ways and switch to cloud business storage. Lobi Space helps you find the best solutions at the most attractive prices.

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