Chicago’s Actors Training Center

Who says actors are born?

Acting may be an inborn talent, but actors can also be polished, trained and developed. Acting can be learned by individuals who possess a natural flair or wish to learn it as an acquired skill and showcase their talent in the best possible manner. In our business coaching endeavor, we bring you to the ASC.

Acting School Chicago is one of its kind actor’s training institute. Since 1981, this institute has been training boys and girls to perform their best in the acting field and become professional actors.

The environment there is supportive, collaborative, challenging and creative at the same time helps nurture the in-born talents as well as the acquired talents to the level where one cannot distinguish between the natural and the acquired ones.

What’s In It

Inside the Acting Studio Chicago, you learn on-camera classes, voiceover classes and Acting classes. There are 12 different modules taught in each one of them and the class size is limited to only 12 students which helps instructors focus on each student individually and help them discover the actor within them.

What is Needed

All you need is to be open, present and ready to learn to be a part of this thriving group of acting learners. The instructors are the top Chicago actors, directors and industry specialists and experts who bring their years of experience and expertise to the class and make their students learn and walk the path that brought them success, name and fame.

Acting is a skill and proper coaching can help one learn the tips and tricks of this trade to become a success in their field. While the class learning is the primary focus of ASC, they also provide individual sessions if needed for the aspiring actors before their auditions or for anyone who wants to learn a little extra than their regular class work.

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