How to Become a Life Coach in 6 Months

How to become a life coach in 6 months

Life is a series of unexpected, unforeseen events. Many of us are going through life fluidly taking whatever comes our way and not actually following the path we need to in order to achieve our big dreams. Dreams are not only meant for dreaming they are meant to be made true and without our effort and action none of our dreams can come to life.

A life coach is a person who helps you take the first step, then the second and then follow the path of your dreams with consistent passion and motivation until you finally achieve it. This passion comes from the council and advice our life coach can give us to keep us motivated at times when procrastination or challenges are too overpowering to let us continue in the right direction. In that sense, a life coach is an integral part of our lives who can help us go forward and not let ourselves be taken away by procrastination and hard times.

How to Learn it

Life coaching is an art and science however it needs special training to learn and execute this essential skill. Coach Training EDU offers its inclusive life coaching training program. By the end of the course you can start your own life coaching business and be a successful life coach helping others find direction and meaning in their lives.

Coach Training EDU has refined its program over a decade to provide real value to its learners. This is just a 6-month long program that helps life coaches learn the human psychology, how it works, how to work the human mind, and how to make it go in the desired direction.

With Coach Training EDU you can learn to be a purposeful human being in the life of others and become a valuable person in your circle just in 6 months.

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