Life Coach Training Institute

Be a part of the $2 billion life coaching industry

It may not have been your childhood dream to one day become a Life Coach and help others thrive while you also earn handsomely out of it; but considering the staggering figures of 2 billion dollars that this industry annually spins, it suddenly seems like a lucrative career option.

While researching the best resources for our clients, the Lobi Space life coaching team guides our members to one of the most popular Life Coaching programs; The Life Coach Training Institute.

Life Coaches charge around $128/hr. Become a life coach and start your own practice.

What is a Life Coaching program?

A life coach is a person who guides you to improve and go through every aspect of your life with a vision of a critic and the support of a friend. The major areas covered by life coaching programs include relationships, career and social interaction.

With a little time on your hand, you can become a life coach and start your own practice.

How to become a life coach

Life Coaching Programs cost a fortune, but fortunately, we have found the free one. The Life Coach Training Institute helps its trainees learn the core competencies of a life coach, equipping them with the tools required to become one.

1. The courses are completely online, available to be accessed from anywhere at any time, and compatible with every device.

2. The list of courses to learn is endless. You can pick the ones you wish to focus on and become a specialist in one major area.

3. The courses are also self-paced and can be taken at your convenience.

4. They are internationally recognized.

To become a certified Life Coach, you will have to apply for certification, which requires a small fee.

Head to our Lobi Space Life Coaching program list and find yourself the perfect course.

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