Magnetic Speaking.

Speaking is the most powerful skill that one can have. It has the power to persuade, empathize and communicate your POV to the listener in the most compelling manner.

Adding the charisma to your personality, public speaking skills can help provide you with the power of words that win hearts, minds and people bringing you closer to your business goals.

What’s in it

As a business coaching service, Magnetic Speaking offers 1-day public speaking training and 1-1 coaching session in the Bay Area and online. It helps you work on the weaker areas of your speech like delivery, storytelling, messaging and speaking impromptu.
The sessions help you find your anchor while speaking and sound more confident, knowledgeable and engaging. These are just a few things that public speaking training can grant you. Magnetic Speaking is much more than that. It helps you gain visibility, get promoted, and be known as a good speaker and an expert in your field.

Who Can Benefit

If you are a project manager, developer, product manager, engineer, data scientist, a solopreneur or anyone who may be trying to sell their idea, service, product or simply their POV, then, you can benefit from this public speaking course and see the improvement in the way you deal with your clients, team members and subjects. From landing your dream project to nailing it at your leading position, you can have it all with Magnetic Speaking coaching that can help you discover your true potential and put it to words.

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