The Virtual Office Network That Lets You

Give your business a credible address.

Imagine parking your car in the basement parking area, riding up the elevator, walking into your office nodding to the receptionist, and holding meetings with your clients, in the plushest neighborhood in town. Your business has a legitimate business address, a phone number that works, answered by a receptionist and calls are forwarded to you, no matter where you are.

And not having to pay a fraction of its cost for rent.

This is not a marketing gimmick. This is the reality of Virtual Office Space.

How virtual office works

The concept of a virtual office is highly suitable for small businesses who need not lease an entire office suite they cannot afford; but require a credible business address, a phone number and a professional meeting room or a co-working space.
We are constantly searching for the best available resources for businesses, and have a list of virtual office providers ready for you to use. Click here to see the Alliance virtual offices available in your area.

Features of a Virtual office

The first step toward growing your business is cutting the cost. Having a virtual office does it perfectly. Hiring a virtual office gives you the following advantages.

- A legitimate business address in a commercial quarter of the city
- A virtual phone line, for your clients to reach you
- A receptionist to forward your calls
- A plush meeting room is available for rent by the hour
- A professionally managed co-working space, for when you need to join heads with your colleagues for something important

So instead of holding a professional meeting in a coffee bar or a restaurant, next time call Lobi Space Services support and get yourself the best-looking meeting room to close your business deals. Take advantage of the special promotions for our members offering a discounted price, and don’t forget to check the monthly promotion plans on the Alliance website.

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