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Never worry about checking a post office box or office mailbox again. Our virtual office mailbox gives you access to physical mail in a cloud setting from anywhere at anytime.

Pick Your Plan

Google verified,
real office address.
Automate access to your mail and packages.


Real Office Address

Get a real business mailing address instantly that is approved by Google and the USPS.


Flexible Management

Request scans, forwards, shreds, pick-ups, and photos of your letters or packages anytime.


Easy Set Up.

Pick your plan along with your suite number and let us take care of the rest. Ready in 48 hours.


Access Anywhere.

Access your mailbox at anytime. Choose which mail to forward, scan or shred with a click of a button.


Safe & Secure

Don’t worry. All mail gets recycled plus you can easily request shredding of sensitive documents.


24/7 Access

You can manage your mail online or from a mobile device.
Anytime, anywhere.

A better way to get mail starts here.
See how it works.

1. Select An Address

The process is easy. Just find your new desired real street address in the search box by entering Street, City, State or Country.

2. Pick Your Plan

We have a wide variety of options to suit the needs of your business, whether large or small. No contract, cancel anytime.

3. Manage Your Mail

Receive an instant email after subscribing that contains your new mailing address information and start managing your mail.

Our Plans And Pricing.

Premium Flexible
per month billed yearly
Get 2 Free Months
$249.00 billed yearly
Get Started
Incoming Mail Items - 25 items/month
Open and Scan - $2.00/item
Free Letter Shredding - 25 items/month
Additional Recipients - $20.00/month
Conference Room Access is extra
Premium Pro
per month billed yearly
Get 2 Free Months
$359.00 billed yearly
Get Started
Incoming Mail Items - 50 items/month
Open and Scan - 5 items/month
Free Letter Shredding - 50 items/month
Additional Recipients - $15.00/month
Conference Room Access is extra
Studio Space 10% OFF
per month billed yearly
Get 2 Free Months
$649.00 billed yearly
Get Started
Unlimited Incoming Mail Items
Open and Scan - 10 items/month
Unlimited Free Letter Shredding
Additional Recipients - $15.00/month
Conference Room Access is extra
Studio Space 25% OFF
+ Register Agent
We Love Feedback.


"I have been with the company for over a year now. Never had an issue contacting customer service. Agents have always been professional and courteous and have always addressed my concerns."
Antoine V.
"I like that this is an actual office space and not some PO Box or software. Sign up was simple, price is good and I can always get someone to help if needed."
Fundador K.
"Very simple to sign up and go through the notary process.
Pick up is simple and convenient if you live in Chicago."
Annie L.
"Prime example how technology can make our life better.
I no longer have to drive to check my PO Box.
Thank you guys for great service."
Timothy G.
"Having my mail at my fingertips and not having to go anywhere is such a great help. Accessing my account either from my desktop or the phone
app makes everything so useful and easy."
Jackie U.
"Great office space and even better service.
The app works fine and I can always call support and get a real person to assist."
Sergio B.
We've Got Your Back.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently asked questions.

Does Google and AdSense accept a LOBI virtual mailbox address?

Yes! We’re a full-service physical office space, not just a digital address. So your LOBI address works for GoogleMaps and GoogleAdSense.

Will you receive packages for me?

Yep! We accept both regular mail and packages at all of our locations. Just like with paper mail, our staff scans the package label and sends you an email alert. We can sign for your documents and packages and accept all shipping company deliveries both domestic and international.

Do you offer a shredding option?

Definitely. When we dispose of mail, we make sure to recycle it. You also have the option to have us shred sensitive materials.

How long will you store my mail?

Your mail can be stored for as long as you’d like providing you have an active account.

Is LOBI virtual mailbox available for short-term use?

Yes, our minimum term is one month.

What are the digital storage limits for scanned content?

We don’t place limits on your storage needs. You’ll always have access to all your scanned content free of charge no matter how large your data storage becomes for as long as your account is active.
You can sort your scanned content into folders for easy organization. Attach to email, download them to your computer, or just delete when you want to clear space in your virtual mailbox.

Will I need to file a change of address with the USPS?

A change of address isn’t required, but it does make things a lot easier. Without it, you’ll still be receiving mail and your old address and you’ll need to contact senders individually to update them on the change of address.

Can I personally pick up my mail?

Sure thing. Come by during business hours to pick up your mail in-person. You can schedule a pick-up time by using this link or emailing

Is LOBI Virtual Mailbox secure?

You can feel secure knowing LOBI SPACE takes numerous steps to make your virtual mailbox secure. All mail is viewed over our secure 2048 bit SSL connection browser web portal. This makes the interception of your data virtually impossible.
To maintain security, we never send mail images over email.
Each exchange of information between you and your mailroom operator, whether it’s over desktop or mobile device is secure with HTTPS.

How do I pay for my LOBI virtual mailbox?

A credit card is required to secure a virtual mailbox and make your payments. We do not accept checks, money orders or wire transfers. We offer a first 30 day refund if you did not use your account to receive mail or for any other activity. Please contact Customer Support for more information at 312-248-7020 or

What identification will I need to create a virtual mailbox.

You’ll need to fill out USPS Form 1583. This form requires two types of identification, one must include a photograph of the person whose name appears on the mailbox.
Acceptable forms of identification include: valid driver's license or state non-driver's identification card, passport, alien registration card or certificate of naturalization; current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust. You can also use your voter or vehicle registration card or a home/vehicle insurance policy.
Remember the address on your photo ID needs to match the address you listed in Section 7 or Section 10 of this form.

Can I receive mail for multiple staff members in my business.

Yes you can. You’ll need to include them in Box 12 of USPS Form 1583 where it gives you the option to name members of the company who will receive mail. All of those listed will need to provide verifiable identification.

Can I use LOBI mail as a home address?

Sorry, LOBI mailbox addresses can only be used for business addresses.

How do I cancel my LOBI mailbox?

We make it easy to change and cancel your account. Just email us at to get the process started. Upon cancellation of an account, your mail may be received by the local operator for up to six months from your termination date.  Storage fees may apply. If you would like your mail forwarded, we offer this service as well for an additional fee. Please contact your local mail center operator for specific fee information and details.

What happens to my mail after I cancel my digital mailbox ?

Mail will be received by the local operator for up to six months from the date you terminate and storage fees may apply.

Additionally, if you want your mail forwarded, you will have to pay fees for that service.

You cannot submit a change of address form for a digital mailbox. If you have specific questions, please contact the local mail center operator.

Can I select mail to get forwarded to me?

Yes you can! Choose which packages and paper mail you want sent to you and where. We’ll forward them to any destination in the world. For international packages please note there may be additional taxes and duty fees based on the contents of the shipment.

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